Monday, June 25, 2007

Let's Do the Time Warp Again... and Again

Tonight we bought Rocky Horror Picture Show from Lightening Video Mall (DVDS, DVD, DVD'S, Movies, Movie, TVs, TV's, HDTV, Mall, Clothing, Shopping, Events, Rentals Available). It was only 800L for unlimited views, wuwu! We transformed Hawk's Tringo into a big outdoor movie theater complete with pawpkorn and Rosie singing in Skype. :p

Unfortunately this video, though it started out with awesome quality, it repeated a couple times. And that was AFTER the Rosie fiasco... roflmao. Then it paused on me and I ended up right back at the beginning, hence me blogging while everyone else is watching the damn movie. GRAWR GRAWR GRAWR!

Okay obviously I'm grumpy and walking away from the blog... *flips the movie screen off as she walks away*


Laylah said...

Remind me to give you a LM to where Jon and I buy movies. 500L unlimited views and really good quality. Sorry your movied was fooked. Maybe we can have a movie morning one day sos I can be there. <3 <3 <3

Wrath Paine said...

/me throws toast at the screen.

/me throws toast at the screen.

Wait, is that where it was looping for ya, because that might be kinda fun. ;-)

I can't believe I crashed and didn't log back on and thus missed out on Rosie singing.

Of course, still not sure if that's a bad thing...? *g*

Akasha =^.^= said...

lol totaly a good thing wrath! her singing is sooo pertyfull!!!

Rosie said...

Pffft lies. Aka's only being nice cuz she has the hots for me :P