Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fflew Llanfair at Parrot Bay Club

Well you win some and you lose some when you try out the live music scene here on SL. We recently covered our post on Maximillion Kleene and how much we loved that show, well we attended another event at the Parrot Club tonight, and it wasn't soo hot. Let me provide a couple of my favorite quotes from Fflew Llanfair that he delivered during the show.

"Let's listen to the tuning song."

"You heard this one a little earlier, but I am going to play it again because I need the practice."

It wasn't that every song was horrible (said through gritted teeth) or that the evening left me lacking entertainment value (because between Jelly and Dreamer I was rolling laughing as we all discussed things amongst ourselves.) Before the show started I commented to Dreamer that Fflew's RL pic looked like David Bowie, and then wouldn't you know that he would play not one but several David Bowie songs throughout the set which got us all to laughing each and every time. Well in the interests of making something out of nothing, we decided we needed to lay out the proper etiquette for a live show, so we created this top ten list throughout the event as the list of "NO NO NO, they didn'ts" kept piling up.

Keys to a successful live show:

1) Don't do sploders - I mean there is a time and place, and this is neither.

2) Always type / in front of your words to stop the typing sound

3) Hire a competent host/hostess who knows all these rules - who is more concerned about the quality of the experience for the audience, than trying to generate donations to support a crappy experience.

4) Provide good dances - that old slow dance sucks (try V3 or V4 peeps)! as do several of the other versions that had been laid out which were either buried in the ground or herky jerky and dancing in circles and making me dizzy?? wtf?

5) Find a good singer - dur

6) The singer shouldn't talk more than he sings

7) Performer should have a play list - starting songs and stopping them to change your mind = not cool

8) Don't think you are David Bowie - if you aren't David Bowie, or at least related to David Bowie, or mayhaps can sing like David Bowie

9) Animate your AV when performing, just standing up there without an AO sort of takes from the experience... even if you are holding a guitar.

10) Try tuning your guitar BEFORE the show

Basically in a nutshell, yes it is a game, yes it is virtual, but you know what... there are REAL people on the other side of those computers and if you want to have ANY chance at all of having us go out and pirate your music, then show up prepared and READY to provide a quality show.

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