Thursday, June 21, 2007

We set that summer out in style...

This is our quiet time on Skype where we sit down & blog together. He does a post while I do a post. Normally I am much more prepared and know exactly what I want to be blogging, where as he is usually the apprehensive one. Call it Freaky Thursday but I am at a loss as to just one thing to blog & he is just going to town on his post. So hang in there, this is a summertime/water sport potpourri post. Happy 1st day of Summer!

Roller Skates & Water Balloons
How do you get that combo? Not sure but roller skating is fun, water balloons are fun. Why not throw the two together & have a blast!?! Now you can! These are a set of realistic rollerskates. They have been carefully designed to create a realistic beginner skating experience.
Included in the pack are the skates, a HUD for performing a few trick moves, and a water balloon you can throw at other skaters.
When the skates are attached use your normal movement controls. You will find movement is different. You will not stop immediately when you release your controls, but will continue to slide to a stop. If you hold down shift and and tap the left or right arrows you will do little spin turns. If already moving, tapping your forward/back arrow keys will slide you forward in a standing position, holding down the forward/back arrows will cause you to go into a full skate. If you press your back or forward arrows from a standing stop you will start skating immediately.
If you have a low speed collision with another avatar you will loose balance slightly, high speed collisions will cause you to fall over. Being hit by a water balloon will have a similar effect causing you to either loose balance or fall over depending on your speed. The hud you can attach has 6 fun tricks you can perform. simply click on the buttons on the hud to perform one of them.
Get yours now for FREE at Abranimations (tm)

Take a dip in your local swimming hole!
There are a lot of water ways in SL. All you have to do is look on the big map (or even the mini map for those of us that use it). One of the best things you can do is head down to Siggy's WaterWorks Island and pick up the Swimmer HUD. It's a summer time must have for everyone's inventory. The Swimmer is a HUD device that reacts with water in Second Life, the real sim water, and the rivers and oceans of Second Life. It adds buoyancy when you go in the water - and allows you to swim freely above and below the waters surface. The Swimmer can also swim in swimming pools using 'PrimSwim' water! Now you can swim in your home pool as easily as you can swim in sim water!
To go along with my nifty Swimmer, I added the new Pink with Polkadot Swimmies (water wings - seen in the pic above) from Sand Shack Surf Co.

Where to go...

If you are looking for some great places that are swim friendly as well as scenic and chalked full of stuffs... Definitely check out Dragon Moon Resort. Everybody is welcome! ONE rule only: Tolerate and respect each other! COEXIST! (Coexisting with griefers is not mandatory). This sim was actually built by an old friend of mine from the Wandie days, Demian Caldera. In fact, most of the U2 in SL concerts take place on Dragon Moon. Demian is a very very active participant in the U2 in SL projects. Anywho, back to the fun water stuff... You can swim among a big purple dragon, tube along skirting the sim with your lover, wind sail, play in the waves along the beach, catch some rays on the beach towels or just play drums. This is also a great spot for scuba diving with all the treasures tucked nicely below the surface of the calm waters.
Another awesome place with low lag & great beach is Parrot Island. A lush tropical island sim with public jetskis, beautiful waterfall with couples poses (not the best couple poses, but there are some) and perfect photo opportunity areas. Most of the area of this sim is dedicated to water than it is to land which makes this by far the most perfect spot for swimming & most of all jet skiing. Traffic is pretty low on Parrot Island which makes it perfect for time alone with a special someone (*coughs* Blue Hair & Gill). Unfortunately it is a no-build sim, so you can leave those pose balls at home *sigh*. Scripts are still allowed so bring that Couples Animator. *wink*

If all else fails...
PLAY TRINGO! :D I hope we've given you a few things to get you out of your SLhomes to help you bring in summer properly.
Go... go... go... Get out & get animated! :)))


Gillian Waldman said...

Awesome ideas :) Ok, and now this will totally out me as the noob I am in comparison...but wtf IS tringo anyway. Mayhaps you two can lesson me sometime? I do want to learn.

HawksRock said...

Gillian you are not alone. We actually have a few friends who have said the same thing. We are toying with the idea of setting up a special training session for our friends who are new to the game, but you are always welcome to holler at us whenever you want to come back and we will show you the basics. :) Be warned, once you start down this path, there is no turning back!

tiana meriman said...

oh thanks for those roller blade and swimmer hud information. i was looking for a good swim hud so now i know where to find one ^^