Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ben & Jerry's Sim

I'm quick like lightning I tell ya what. It only took me forever to see that Ben & Jerry have arrived in SL. There's actually two sims...

The first being Ben and Jerrys Orientation Island. This is almost like the Nooblet Orientation that everyone has to go through prior to entering the real SL grid but with a colorful twist and free Ben & Jerrys clothes. Not just clothes though, included in the Welcome Package is a shape, non-prim shoes, colorful B & J shirt and khaki shorts. There's a series of 6 signs explaining how to walk (use movement controls), use camera controls, change your outfit, customize your look, etc etc.
At the end of your stroll through orientation you see a teleport to Ben & Jerry's Island sign.

Upon arriving at Ben & Jerry's Island you will see another big sign "How to Play METHANIAC!" Clicking the sign will give you a HUD. Pressing "play" on your HUD will begin the game. You have 2 minutes to search for "meadow muffins". The object is to collect as many muffins as you can before time runs out. At the end of your time limit, you return back to the factory and deposit your muffins into the "Bio-Gas Digester". The high score for each day wins $L prizes ($L1000). Yesterday's high score was 58 while we were there visiting, today's is 62! Yipes! I was lucky to find 5. :p Also everyday B & J will donate $L1000 (approx. $4.05 usd) to WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Over a 30 day period, that's like $121.00 usd.
I did notice a few naked nooblets running around but be aware that it is a PG sim. I think Aka did a fine job of chasing them away. Haha! There are a few fun facts through out the island as well...
Ben & Jerry's Climate Change College - Every year B & J sends 18-30 year olds from 12 European countries to visit the WWF Artic programme. Upon return, students launch their own grass-roots climate change campaigns.
WWF Arctive Progame Info
and more...
If anything grab some nice cold ice-cream & frolic in the meadows. :)

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