Thursday, June 28, 2007

It's that time...

Blog Of Substance
I suppose I am due for a blog of substance. I haven't really wrote anything that amounts to a hill of (jelly)beans lately. Am I losing my bloggerness? Mayhaps. I was talking to Rosie & Akasha this a.m. about how yes I needed to do a MGG2SL post. It was easier when I was a grumpy, pissy av. How dare the MGs go off & get married ending up in SL happiness bliss! Unspeakable behavior, damn it! Now I'm just jonesin' for some subjects to go to town on. I like the whole "giving back to the community" aspect. ROFL. I'll try to think more on that one. It's on my to-do list anyways.

Getting Motivated
I think with the honeymoon pending, I am starting to feel slackerish on my responsibilities. We really should get back to exploring more, random dance trips, etc. I'm just nervous & excited about how we'll be working out the honeymoon. Is it time yet? :D No word yet on exactly when Hawks & I will be on honeymoon but trust me, you'll know. We'll hang a Do Not Disturb sign outside our IM window doors, and turn lights off on the Stew. No worries, we plan on sending lots & lots of postcards. Haha

Adventures in Chaos
Since when did Chaos become a RP sim? Aka, Rosie & I went there to buy spray paint... to tote paint something not to deface buildings, billboards, people's faces, etc. Yeah, that's it. We ran into the two craziest characters ever... Leon, and his pet Shadow. I love role-playing (omg! pervs) so I was having a blast. We explored the sewers & oooo'd and awwwww'd the prettiful night time Chaos lights. I think I wanna go back now. :D We played it up like we were tomb raiders, apparently with spray paint. :p I am JellyBean Francesca Willamina Stirfry Madison-Gunawan! You can just call me Jell.

Sea Nymphs
Omg omg omg! How much do I love my Hawks? Only like totally & completely! He surprised me this a.m. with the Limited Edition Sea Nymph from Last Call. Ginny Talamasca has offered you '*LAST CALL: Sea Nymph Gift (someone loves you). Ginny Talamasca: Hawks bought that for you for your 1 month anniversary .:hearts:. Have a wonderful Thursday punkin .:heart:. AWWWWWW! Akasha bought Rosie one too. I feel a video coming on. :D

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Ann said...

You should see how many of the 75 nymphs you can gather up if you decide to do a video. "Looky! All those girls are dressed the same." lol