Saturday, June 23, 2007

[Renegade] & Gritty Kitty

JellyBean Madison: OMG KO
Kaejo DaSilva: OMG WHAT?
JellyBean Madison: I have nothing to wear
Kaejo DaSilva: LOL
Kaejo DaSilva: here
Kaejo DaSilva gave you [Renegade] Illergic Parasite Outfit.
JellyBean Madison: MY SUPRAH HIRO

This is why I adore KO. :D xoxoxoxoxoxox Get to Renegade and buy buy buy. If you're not quick, you might have missed it but HELLO! There's a guy release too... Hard Filth Outfit (also pictured above). Hawtness!

Oh oh... and on the hair front, I'm in lurve (as Dreamer would say) with the new Gritty Kitty: Hello Goodbye hair.

1 comment:

caLLie cLine said...

that is the most adorable photo of you jelly!!!

i love the hair and the freckles... just a great pic!!!

all the best,