Tuesday, June 26, 2007

And now a word from the Lindens:

Release Update: 1.18.0 Postponed, 1.17.2 Viewer pending

Hi folks - Joshua Linden here, your friendly neighborhood release manager. Today was a little more exciting than I like my Tuesdays, but here’s the low-down:

Second Life 1.18.0 has been postponed to Wednesday, July 11th. The scheduled downtime for June 27th is canceled. The code appears stable, but there are some odd issues that have materialized relating to the configuration of how the various services that make up the grid communicate. We’re playing it safe while we sort those out. Unfortunately, this means we don’t get to celebrate Día de la Liberación for a few more weeks.

We’ll be releasing an Optional Viewer update, Second Life 1.17.2, with a fix for VWR-1369 “Creating, re-rezzing, then editing an object results in a viewer crash” mentioned previously on the blog. This should be available for download within the hour.

Finally, the rolling restart we’ve teased everyone with is back from the dead, in order to get those server side fixes out ASAP. We’ll be doing some further scrutiny of the changes to make sure that none of the issues identified in 1.18 affect this code, then we’ll roll that out to the grid either Wednesday or Thursday. No promises on when, but not before it’s ready!

We’ll be continuing to update the Beta Test Grid with viewers and servers tracking the progress of 1.18.0, and your continued help in ensuring it’s a high quality release is appreciated.

Thanks all, and my apologies for the changing schedule.

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