Sunday, June 24, 2007

A little bit of this... and a little bit of that!

It got super duper out of control. Oh yes it did. I noticed this a.m. that my Blogline feeds had mysteriously jumped up to 196 feeds. :o Time to start widdling down the list.

You: down to 118 feeds HawksRock Gunawan: ooooo You: thats the best I can do HawksRock Gunawan: making progress... HawksRock Gunawan: u can do it!!! You: *sigh* ok 115 HawksRock Gunawan: lmao, is that REALLY the best you can do? You: yes lol HawksRock Gunawan: pffft... how about 110 ... You: ok ok ok looking

It's amazing how I feel so bonded to some of your blogs that I can't pull myself to let them go. Haha. I was able to create 4 groups to hold the feeds that made it thru my elimination process... Friends Blogs, Shopping Blogs, Amusing Blogs & SL News Blogs. I think for every new one that I add, I'll be deleting one. That should save me from ever hitting almost 200 feeds again. Wuwu!

DJ'n at Club Eden Escape
So yesterday I DJ'd for Mike99 Barbosa and the Eden Escape grand opening. I wasn't sure what to expect with the crowd. It was small at first & the girls seemed hard up waiting for "men" to arrive. It's okay though, when Hawk's arrived, I made sure to lift my leg & piss on him... "MINE". Haha! Over all pay was good, tips were good and dancing with Hawk's is always the best. The club could use a rebuild to make it POW! As the club is now... it's lacking a nice dance floor, you get light raped, and textures could be better thought out. The crowd that came in switched genres often which led to an interesting hodge podge of music sets. I was live for a 2 hour shift (1-3 p.m. SLT) which actually blew by faster than I thought. No holding your breath on me becoming a full-time DJ again. I hate schedules & have way too much on my SL plate right now to commit, but a gig here & there is nice.

Desperately Seeking an Oval Track
If you remmy Hawks threw down the gauntlet and put out a public challenge to all Dominus Shadow owners. We've gotten a lot of response. The first being from Chelle Moore & Raver Bellows. We screwed around & raced a bit the other night. We spent some time (Hawks & I) scouting a track for our official challenge but have yet to find one that isn't like molasses lag, script haters, fucked up shaped or oval. We need to have room for like 5-10 racers, I think... Kitty Lalonde, Gillian Waldman, Chelle Moore, Raver Bellows, Jane2 McMahon, Crap Mariner, Razzap Schnookums, and Hope Clary. Any suggestions on an oval, non uber lagged sim would be greatly appreciated so we can get this thing under way. :D

Poses by AV Puli Animations
Last night Dreamer sent us to a "Sweet Sit" and we followed the creator, Pulaski Fizz to his sim AV Puli Animations. The sim's description says: Romantic Couple animations store. Star Gazers, Roses, Washing, Neko AO, custom jobs, Animationen, Animaciones, Animatie. I have to say that the Neko animations were more feral & some freaked me out but some were cute, while others screamed "WTF!" Anyways, it was something we did and mayhaps worth a look if you're bored. :D I may even go back & explore the sim outside the actual store later.

Huggles & Kissiepops

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