Friday, February 29, 2008

jOMG Bitch Please!

Incoming ventage, kinda...

Take this random comment...

"a blogger with an incredible good taste and she does amazing photos and that's pretty much what i need to know about clothes."

Today's topic will be taste. TASTE! What gives us "taste" in SL? I do not define "taste" as having the foresight to post pictures of yourself in styles that were GIVEN TO YOU!

A lot of the "newer" fashion blogs only cover "new releases" and ones that were given as "review copies"... Does this mean that the blogger has taste, a style of their own, etc? Or are they merely just showing *us* new releases that they were given?

I personally prefer a fash blog where the writer/contributor goes out, mixes it up, and shows me things I cannot find normally on every other blog out there. Oh yesh, and SLURLS. I love love love the SLURLS.

Your opinions? Discuss. kkthnx


Meara Deschanel said...

Hmm...I don't get why you are venting about a comment made over a month ago but, eh, whatever.

Perhaps the originator of the comment derived the opinion that the blogger in question had good taste from their (the blogger's) own personal style, and not necessarily because of the reviews they post on their blog? Personally, I've seen the subject of the comment "out and about" a few times and each time I've been impressed with their choice of style. I so felt it was a valid comment.

Something to consider as well is that the blogger has to create an outfit based on the clothes they were given to review - this includes hair, makeup, jewelry, shoes, etc. I highly doubt the content creators that give bloggers their products to review also include all of the above with it. So in that respect, the blogger in question - in my opinion - has great taste seeing as they always manage to make the reviewed items come together with the other items they use.

Personally, although I think the question is a thoughtful one, I don't think the example comment used was the best choice, for the reason I stated above. But I digress. "Taste" is subjective. One person's taste is another person's tacky. You could argue that a person has "taste" because they are able to discern the best, most "tasteful" outfits to wear out of the plethora that they are given to try out. And you could argue that a person has "taste" because they are able put together unique outfits using items from several different designers, etc.

It's six of one and half a dozen of the other, but it still all boils down to our perception being our reality.

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

Lmao let me explain why it's a month old - Last night I was going thru my 'drafts' here & deleting ones no longer relevant. However this one still is, so I bumped it. :) Lazy me, eh?

Also you bring up a great point regarding the accessories used in the "new release" posts. True, they all have to pick their own hair, own shoes (most of the time), etc. However we all know ETD, right? And we all know Stiletto Moody has the shoes. So honestly what newness other than the release are we getting? Not much.

I agree with most of your comment though & appreciate the response. :)

Meara Deschanel said...

lol, ok I'll cut you some slack on the "month old" thing.

It's a lot easier to make my next point by just using names, so I'll just do that. Let's compare Ana Lutetia with Milla Michinaga, since those are the two bloggers that come to mind with this discussion.

On her main blog, Ana typically just reviews new releases that she's been given. Her reviews tend to be on the "vanilla" side - which from me means that she displays the product, talks about how it looks, but doesn't really critique it. She also takes the items and dresses them up with other pieces that are not necessarily part of the review, showing the reader an example of how one could create an outfit or accessorize the reviewed item. Maybe not the most revolutionary, but her reviews serve their purpose. Personally I like reading her blog, not necessarily to see new items, but to see how those new items get dressed up.

Milla Michinaga on the other hand, creates complete outfits by mixing and matching new and old items, explaining her process along the way. She doesn't necessarily review or critique the items - obviously if she is wearing it she liked it - but she does give her readers ideas on how to be creative with their clothing, as opposed to just wearing pre-set outfits.

Two bloggers with two different presentations, but both women with good taste (in my opinion.)

You've brought up a good point in the past too that I forgot to touch on in my reply (probably because I wrote it while in the middle of waiting for my rez sickess to go away on World of Warcraft, lol) and that's wanting to see something NEW. I agree that all too often I am seeing the same things over and over, even the same styles. There's a lack of "newness" out there. That's why I like reading blogs like Milla's, Sofia's, Melanie's, etc. because they steer clear (for the most part) of showing their readers the same thing that we just saw on the fashion feeds 17 times already. In fact I find more new stuff from Mel's blog than I do any place else.

One other rant - there's a lack of real reviews out there from bloggers. Maybe this is because some bloggers are afraid to really critique the clothes they are given, or maybe it's because some designers aren't thick-skinned enough to stand up to scrutiny? Either way I would like to see more actual reviews on things like textures, seams matching, prims fitting, etc. instead of just "So-and-so released this new shirt. It comes in 5 different colors and has pretty flowers on it. You can buy it here."