Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day

Every four years we get an extra day. Don't question it, just enjoy it. Hah! Hawks says I'm getting my blogs confused - he's probably right, he usually is.

I logged into SL this morning after 2 days out to catch up on offlines, invey offers & such... so I have stuff to blog. It's all in my head but at the moment I haven't much time to get in, take pics, etc.

I've been wanting to do a post on SL to RL (Gilly suggested this for a JH Report months ago - love ya Gillian) but I'm trying to figure out exactly how I want to write that one up. Hawks & I may not be doing it right, or by the book (if there is one) but as soon as I gather thoughts & have time to just sit down & tell "our" story, I will.

Have a great leap day! Huggles & kissiepops!

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