Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Can I get a wuwu!?!

*RL Postage*
Today is *the* day! All my stuffs is being packed up in Hawaii today! Yay!

Of course the delivery date to me here in Kansas is still April 14th... blah! We're one step closer to de-de-de-delivery!

My boys are seriously missin their bikes/ripstix, and I'm seriously missin blankets, my bed, my couches. Oh and most of all my Pampered Chef Cooking Stone.

We've been roughing it for almost 2 weeks, with almost 2 months left to go... but this is definitely an exciting day!


Cierra Theriac said...


Elusyve said...

ok Jelly..OMG..I love my pampered chef stonewear...chachacha

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

Hi5! It's simply the bestest eva'r!

Laylah said...

What what?

Also, I am so glad you are getting your stuff. April, though? Fuck, man..

When I leave in May I am leaving 99% of my shit here... which means the loss of some treasured kitchen equipments!

Oh well, it can be replaced.. just hide your stuff when I stop in!