Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Grawr! Rawr! Rawr! *foams at mouth*

Call me downright insatiable but jeebus crust people! A month ago I blogged about over-saturation of new releases on the feeds. Now it goes from one extreme to another... Content Theft! Dun dun dunnnnn! With Tenshi leading the battle, of course. Honestly she needs a cape and an uber cool super hero outfit. Go Tenshi, Go! No really, GO! I know it's a tote slow funk that the fashion world is in.

Here's my 2 lindens cause I have a blog & I'm not afraid to use it. :o *gasp*

It's been said before but let's say it again & once and for all... Do your research before you fork out those hard earned lindens. If it looks like an Eloh skin, mayhaps it is. jOMG! No way! Shup! Everyone is a "concerned resident" but this concerned resident is tired of hearing about it. Theft happens everywhere... SL, RL.

I just want new shit. Yup! New shit! Look - it sucks that there is bad people out there, it really does but karma is one hell of a thing to fook with.

Also, kudos to those still giving me new things to look at other than OMGWTFBBQ! THEY STOLEZ FROM MEH!


Tenshi Vielle said...

Jelly, your post almost made sense :D OH well, I'll forgive you, and I promise I won't stick my sabre up your tush either.

I did email Robin Linden about all this texture theft shit and I'm waiting with baited breath for her response regarding what Linden Lab is doing to help prevent this. If anything.

♥ JellyBean Madison ♥ said...

Oi! Did it go over your head? I thought it made perfect sense. :p

Tenshi Vielle said...

TeeHeeGiggleGiggleSnortSnarfle! :)

Willis said...

What riles me is that everyone and their WIFE has filed a bloody ymca or whatever, yet hardly any of them have any luck.

What the hell makes other designers think they hold more authority to get LL to sort it?

I think they live in very vain hope, it's nice to see people trying to do good, but gaiz... give up the ghost, you'd be better off just stabbing someone in the face over it.


theshadow said...

As a (admittedly) beginning designer who just got her first real store, I follow a bit of it (as ya can't miss it) and frankly I've decided to just not worry about copiers.... Instead deciding it's flattering that someone else thinks highly enough of my work to want to sell it. Sadly not through me, but the world is hardly fair or perfect RL... So I don't expect better SL...