Thursday, September 13, 2007

SLove & Romance: Romantic Date (in a Box)

Here's an uber easy one for those out there that like convenience, don't have a lot of time, lazy, or not very creative. :p Take your pick. Magic Nook offers you "Romantic Date In A Box". This has everything you need for this romantical evening and to make your loved one feel special.

Inside the box:
:: Romantic Date Blanket with pillows and two poseballs: Relax (F) and Relax (M)
:: Layered Candle 'Red Passion' Set
:: One big 'Red Passion' Candle (for those of you who are low on prims and can't rezz the whole candle set)
:: Poems Book scripted with 'reciting a poem' animation
:: Reciting a poem gesture - chat only (Aedh Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven by William Butler Yeats)
:: Acoustic guitar scripted with 'holding the guitar' animation
:: Playing the guitar animation
:: Singing a song gesture - chat only/no sound (Heaven Down Here by Tuck & Patti)
:: Red Rose for the lady
:: Two Wine Glasses
:: Three love songs to listen (Your Body Is A Wonderland, When I Fall In Love, Girl You'll Be A Woman Soon)
:: Full Instructions

1. Switch to midnight mode (and ask your date to do the same). This way it gets more romantic. To switch to midnight mode:
:: Click World -> Force Sun -> Midnight
To go back to default mode (after the date):
:: Click World -> Force Sun -> Revert To Region Default

2. Find a nice, preferably secluded place, where you can rezz your items. It can be the roof of your house if you don't have any idea where to go.

3. Rezz the blanket on the ground. It comes with pillows and two poseballs. Relax (M) is designed for the man or the person that is going to play the guitar and recite poems. Relax (F) is designed for girls, but if person sitting in this place wants to play the guitar too (or recite), she/he can simply get up and do it standing. It is possible to do it while sitting in Relax (F) place, but it looks a little bit strange, because of the way the body is bent.

4. Rezz the candle set (Layered Candles Red Passion) on the corner of the blanket. The candle set is 44 prims so if you can't rezz it, rezz one candle instead (Layered Candle Big Red Passion). If you can, you may rezz both.

5. Rezz the records on the blanket (all of them, or just the one you like). Click the record to start playing it. If you click it again, you will stop the music. What you get is:
:: Your Body Is A Wonderland
:: Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
:: When I Fall In Love

6. If you are male, give your lady a rose. The rose is scripted with "holding a rose" animation, so if she wears it, she will be holding it nicely in her hand. If you are female, giving your man a rose would be strange. You may wear it though and ask him to take a photo of you :)

7. Give one wine glass to your date, and take one for yourself. The glasses are scripted with "holding a glass and drinking" animation. To start drinking wine, wear the glass.

8. Reciting a poem is a good way to start the evening. Wear the poems book. It is scripted with "reciting a poem" animation. Now just type a poem of your choice in the chat :) You may also use the provided gesture: Aedh Wishes For The Cloths Of Heaven (Poem). Activate it (Right-click it -> Activate). Now type "/aedh" in the main chat. And voila - you're reciting a poem by William Butler Yeats that all the girls love :) But don't use the gesture in laggy places - the verses of the poem can get scrambled due to chat lag.

9. You can play a song for your loved one (and sing it too!). First wear the guitar. It is scripted with "holding a guitar" animation. This way you may talk while holding the guitar but not playing. To play the guitar, right-click provided animation "Playing The Guitar" and select "Play in World". Now you're playing. To sing a song, type the lyrics in the main chat. You may also use the provided gesture: Heaven Down Here (Song). Activate it (Right-click it -> Activate). Now type "/heavendownhere" in the main chat. And you're singing a song by Tuck & Patti that is a really good love song :) As before, don't use the gesture in laggy places - the verses of the song can get scrambled due to chat lag.

The rest is up to you. Nice conversation, maybe some dancing, cuddling and/or massage giving. You may give her/him a nice necklace if you want. Use your imagination to make this date special for both of you :)

To make it more special:
  • Prepare - Make sure you have the dance balls, animations that you will plan to use. Bits & Bobs V3, V4, V6 dances are great ones.
  • Make a new folder in your invey PRIOR to date with everything you will need (you can include your outfit you plan to wear also) to make it quickly accessible without searching for minutes on end.
  • Take lots of photos. After the date you will be able to give her/him a special reminder of this beautiful evening. She/he will think of you and this unique date every time they see the photos.
  • Dress up nicely but wear clothes that make you feel comfortable. And be on time!
  • Find something nice about your date and compliment her/him. And if your date compliments you don't just brush it off or say something rude about yourself, say thank you and do NOT put yourself down.
  • Before taking her/him to your romantic spot with blanket, go to the beach, build a bonfire and roast marshmallows Bits & Bobs has a new anim for this at the Resolution store) with her/him. Or get your favorite restaurant meal to go and eat it on a sailboat with her/him.
  • After the date you both may want to camp overnight somewhere secluded, so a small tent would be a nice idea. Cuddle balls and any love related items may come in handy too :)

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