Thursday, September 13, 2007

Tiny Empires: Have you hugged your liege today?

Haha okay a pic of me & Hawks cause today marks our three monthiversary as a still happily married couple. :) Happy Anny Baby. Mwah

So I'm still Countess JellyBean Madison (with 29 more acres to go to Marquise) pledged to Marquise Eva Tiramisu. My subjects are Sir HawksRock Gunawan, Baroness Akasha Nyak, Baroness Dreamer Demontrond, Peasant Rosie Shark & Baron Jon Desmoulins. What good subjects they are too *pinches all their cheeks & gives it a lil shake* We belong to the family of Prince Celty Westwick. If you're not addicted yet, why the hell not?

Here's some links to checkity check out:
The Empire & Thy Place in It - Click a name to view a detailed hierarchy or enter a partial name to locate in the hierarchy.
Prince Celty Westwick's hierarchy chart - We're there! We're there! :D

Geniffer Cordeaux: crys and id like to thank jelly for introducing me to this awesome game and all the lil people i had to step on to get here.

Sarah Vega: Tiny empires-A cure to boredom. Tiny Empires-THE SHIAT -a way to make long time friends.

Caesey Sawson: hehe .. a way to be ontop of ya game

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