Friday, September 14, 2007

Tiny Empires: Building a Dynasty

There's been some drama in the world of TE with some major Princess bickering & name calling. I showed up late with my spoon but realized it wasn't necessary so I sat back & just watched the pot boil. I know where my loyalty lies and I know my subjects are loyal to me. Well all except one who I am just waiting to take a bribe. I highly encourage that he does. :)

My goal is to become a Duchess by the end of the day & get Hawks some subjects. :) Here is some personal tips for ya'll cause really it's not just about self gain.

  • Do not buy land in Nov-Dec. Taxes aren't worth it.
  • You cannot dress your ox as a doctor & fool your servants.
  • Eventually your horse will need shoes, may I suggest Sketchers sneakers?
  • You can buy a cottage, but you'll share it with a family of mice.
  • Add the first two numbers, subtract the last and there is your [?]
  • Give land to your subjects cheerfully & often. It's better to help them than focus on yourself. A happy subject is a loyal subject.
Happy hierarching :D

I'm now Duchess JellyBean Madison :)


Cierra Theriac said...

LOL I sooo don't get it, but it sounds intriguing. ;)

Kitty Lalonde said...

I got forced (literally forced) into it yesterday, and I have to say yeah, it's pretty cool, not that I'll be playing it all the time or anything. But I shall be allieged to Dame Lala until everyone gets bored of it and finds summit else

vint falken said...

It seems I'm in need for a liege to start playing?