Wednesday, September 5, 2007

SLove & Romance: Helpful Tips

Falling in slove is the easy part. It's staying that way that takes some work.

Tip 1
Make a list.
When you find yourself feeling critical of your beloved, sit down and make a list of "All The Things I Still Love About My Mate." This will remind you of why you first fell in slove. Pretty soon, you'll find yourself thinking... And making that list goes for both of you, to help you both remember the good.

Tip 2
Start spreading the news.
At least once a day, compliment each other. Because everyone loves to hear good news.

Tip 3
Learn what to say (And how to listen)
When it comes to communication, men and women have different needs. Men need to hear they've done a good job. So remember to compliment him for things he does (even if he doesn't do them that well). XD Lmao
Women need to feel their man is listening. Men can help by learning the "Mantra for Men" and practicing it often, saying to themselves, again and again... Just listen, don't give advice. Just listen, don't give advice. Just listen, don't give advice.
The results can be amazing.

Tip 4
Learn to soothe frayed nerves.
When your partner is having trouble coping *either with the world or with you* don't shout, don't pout, don't run away. Just turn to your mate and lovingly say... "Honey, what do you need from me... right now?" So instead of wondering what to say or do... Just remember those nine magic words: "Honey, what do you need from me... right now?" No more wondering, no more guess work.

Tip 5
Give a little more.
Instead of trying to get your way, try to give a little, then give a little more. So instead of... "Listen up, lover boy!" or "This is the way it's going to be." Learn to think more "We" than "Me." You'll have a lot less... "Gosh honey. I don't know what I was thinking." And a lot more... "I know what you're thinking!" Bow chicka bow wow

Tip 6
Revisit the Spark.
Set time aside for the both of you to revisit places that you enjoyed in the beginning. Remember where the spark ignited & relive it.

Tip 7
Something new.
As in, try taking on a new endeavor, project or adventure together. Share an interest or try something entirely new & exciting. You will be able to learn & share together and this will no doubt bring you closer.


Gillian Waldman said...

*takes notes*

Zoe Connolly said...

I love this JB. Thx for the Slove tips. There most important for me now, more than ever since my first rez.