Saturday, February 2, 2008

Jelly's Closet - She Devil by Truth

Sneaky Peeky!
[pictured: *TRUTH* She Devil [black skullz]

So Truth Hawks of TRUTH (Clothing, Tattoo, Hair, Skin and More) has taken the plunge back into clothing design after taking time off to play with hair. Not before I did a lot of whining & complaining, of course. For a year now I think he probably sees me as a pain in his ass, though I much more prefer "Muse" or "Motivation". :D Cause dats like how I roll.

Besides, I feel I have important input for him. I could be honestly off my rocker, but in my head it sounds good. Like I'm a pink Jiminy Cricket on his shoulder saying "I LOVE THE TATA PUBES!" Keep those, they rawk. "It's like you killed a chinchilla just for my tatas and dyed it in several colors!" Awwww! The lub, can you feel it?

This dress is called She Devil, appropriately named with skulls or kitty print. It has wispy trim around the tatas & and the skirt base. It's leg tickling but oh so smexy. Don't go looking for it in store just yet, it may be a week before he has a chance to get these babies out. Keep your eyes peeled though for first release & all the awesome colors like... black, blue, gold, green, pink, red and purple.

Thank you Truth.
P.s. More clothes, kkthnxbai

*Special thanks to Sinnocent Mirabeau who slaved over this hair yesterday and made a house call specifically to give me Roadkill Revamped. I love you!*

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