Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pirates of the Caribbean Online Newness

Prayers answered? Or did they just realize they were lacking in pinkness? It doesn't really matter because in the end... Customization is now available to Unlimited Access Members. [Bet you're kickin' yourself now, huh Kitty?]

Cruise around the Caribbean in a whole new set of threads, rock some new ink, get a slick new hair do...and don't forget your bling (it's not like SL blinding bling - it just means jewelry lol)! Members can also pick up an EXCLUSIVE skull bandana from any Tailor Shop! To celebrate the launch of avatar customization, PO is giving an exclusive in-game skull bandana to all of the Unlimited Access members. Anyone who currently has Unlimited Access, or upgrades by March 2, can get this limited-edition item.

Please Note: Eligible members must pick up the skull bandana from any tailor before midnight on Sunday, March 2 - just walk in and select it from the list of available hats for purchase (don't gold needed!).

And that's not all... Emotes! jOMG! No way!
It's time to dance, celebrate, laugh, or just plain go crazy...emote style! Click here for a list of some of the emotes now available in the game for all Pirates.

Not a pirate yet, you say? Well come on aboard mate... Pirates Online

1 comment:

Kitty Lalonde said...

Woot for emotes but my pirate was the very essence of salty perfection.

My problem with pirates was this
"Unfortunately the Black Pearl Boss Battle is not quite ready to set sail. A few stubborn bugs remain. However, the latest build has been put onto the Test server, which is the last big step before releasing it. We are as excited as you are to retake the Black Pearl, but didn't want it to go live until it was fully tested. The fixes should be ready soon and the Black Pearl will be at sea once again."

Which apparently still is a problem, and after the game remaining dormant for over a month (Killing the big level dudes on Kingshead just isn't as much fun as questies) I thought it was time to cut loose and spend the cash on SL instead. *shrugs*