Sunday, January 27, 2008

The TSO Witness Relocation Program

Some people do not know this, it was a huge cover up. Well it appears that I have been found, so I'm going to come clean.

I played TSO (The Sims Online) like years ago, I mean ummm a really really long time ago. In fact it was where Akasha & I went for more of a social atmosphere after spending awhile in UO (Ultima Online). Oh yesh, I was a bad ass necco wafer, I mean necromancer & Aka, well, she revived my dead ass all the time, but trust me I was bad ass! :)

Anyways, you would think after years & years go by, that people would forget you & your sim (av) from TSO, right? Newp, not so. They found me! TSO refugees!

So let me tell you now, if you knew me from TSO here are the rules:
  • We do not speak of that, EVER
  • I can't help you get SL adjusted, try help island.
  • No I'm not looking for ex-TSO djs to dj on mine & Hawks' stream.
  • and did I mention, we do not speak of me & TSO? Like Ever?
That is all, please continue on your merry merry happy SLives. kkthnx


Anonymous said...

hehe Jelly..I was a Uber-Tamer in UO, I played SIMs too after UO, but never quite made it to TSO..or did I *covers mouth and runs away*

bestonline323 said...

i was TSO-obsessed about a year ago.

Great post.