Friday, January 25, 2008

Clockwork! Tonight! Tonight!

I am cross-posting this from Ey' Alexander's post over on M is for Myg

Psst… schedule change and a contest — Party tonight!

Schedule as of 1.25.08

Sunday, 6-8 pm
The Mandelbrot Set with dj Xaxoqual
IDM, ambient dance tracks, hooky breakbeats

Tuesday, 6-8 pm
TMI Tuesdays with JellyBean and HawksRock
Rock music laced with conversation you won’t believe

Wednesday, 6-8 pm
This Ain’t No Trainwreck
dj Garrett gets it in the groove and works it

Thursday, 6-8 pm
Danceteria w/dj Gorgeous Guen
a club mix to start your weekend on the right day

Friday, 6-8 pm
(n)eXt w/ dj keTchUp
two hours of mostly new music–indie rock and club tracks

Friday, 8-9 pm
[your contest-winning name could be here]
dj Esteban digs deep into funklore and unearths the mothership connection, shake your rump!

This has been an official Burgess Advertisement for Clockwork.

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