Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jelly's Closet - Pajama Day!

I seriously cannot believe I'm blogging to New Kids On The Block. Oh well, it's soothing, let's roll with it. :) Anyone who knows me well, knows not only do I "embrace the lazy" but I completely embrace a good PJ Day. I think we owe it to ourselves at least one pj day a week. I don't endorse not showering cause that's just not good, but I fully believe that all day in some good comfy pjs is fruit for the soul. :p Okay though most of my pj days revolve around cramping, bloating, and nothing else fitting me in my closet... doesn't mean that they aren't still the bestest ever.

Rosie Posie Puddin' Pie, the apple of my eye found me these Nyte'N'Day - "Embrace the Lazy" PJs in pink. Jomg Jelly that's a *new* release! *I* know, now shup! This is the part where you sit down quietly & listen to my opinion and looket how cute I am in my pics. Hahaha! Awwwww!

I'm not usually a fan of shorts in SL unless they are very well done. Everyone who has ever worn or attempted to make shorts in SL will know that in most cases they look like shit on the inner thighs of any av depending on pose regardless of size. I have to hand it to Nyte Caligari. She did the cutest bestest made boy shorts for these pjs. Also if you're not a fan of the boy shorts, the set comes with pj pants too. So you get the tank, the booty shorts (damn that's a fine ass, back it up girlfriend) and pj pants.

And colors... THE COLORS!

Single Color: 95L each
Fat Pack: 295L

Please remmy that everything at Nyte'N'Day is NO TRANSFER. Gift cards are available at the store.
Go get your PJ day on NOW!

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