Saturday, January 12, 2008

FYI: I Am Legend!

Group Notice from Cory Edo

Congratulations to JulieJewels Roussel, who has successfully found the Cure in I Am Legend: Survival! Thanks to JulieJewels and the other players for making IAL such a huge success!

With that, IAL will have its last day on Monday, Jan. 14th. This will be the last day the sims are open for gameplay, so make sure to get your gameplay time in with your friends before NYC closes down!

Thanks again to EVERYONE that participated!

Dog Avatars (no hud needed) up at the OIs
Sun Jan 13 18:14:14 2008

Hey guys,
If you wanted a copy of the dog avatars that don't require a HUD to use, they're up now at both OIs -
- right at the TP landing area, underneath the first signs
- at the Costume dock, in front of the regular dog avatar boxes

There will be a Darkseeker AO package set up in the same locations soon as well. Enjoi!

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