Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Fashion Foul!

Some of you know I wrote a post over at MGG2SL about the current state of the SL fashion world called You Blog It! Well in order to not overkill the fashion scene on MGG2SL, I'm going to post my ed/op here.

Let me clarify that I did NOT say *every* fashion blogger is a mindless drone. In fact, some that I read *do* give their opinions. Hence why I still read them.

*Not everything has demos people, and no I cannot always tell from a picture*

I need something, like iunno...

Do *you* feel my L would be well spent on it? I am not a content creator or even a creator of stuffs. I am just a tringo playing Tuesday DJ with a shopping addiction, I don't buy L's and I survive only on stipend & my tips from dj'ing sooooooo I need to know a little more than like, Pia put it best, "squeee".

In fact, before I start on another vent that spirals into other topics, let me tell you some good blogs to read for your fashion fix if you want to avoid the fashion feed boring commercial.

Disclaimer: These are not ALL the great ones out there, just my favs that *I* go to in my time of fashion fix frenzy need. My word is not end all be all & you are free to make your own decisions & form your own opinions. kkthnx


Anonymous said...

From a male point of view, I find that Men's Second Style gives me a pretty good idea of a designer's work and helps me decide if it is worth my Lindens.

HawksRock said...

I have found a male blog that doesn't say a word about fashion (yet) but is still a lot more fun to read than Men's Second Style.