Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pigs in Space!

Hopefully at least one person gets that reference. Haha! I cracked myself up with it. :p If you haven't heard yet, Aley Arai has her very own sim. Who is Aley Arai, you ask? Well, she is a super genius, of course. She makes full immersion sci-fi things using megaprims, sculptys, and super detailed custom textures to keep the prims a fraction of whats out there. She doesn't sell anything, and says "if the art rules your whole life and everything else is just *filler* you know what i'm on about :)"

Hawks & I went and checked out her sim - Privateer Space, on a recommendation of Alex. It's going to be developed into a huge super immersion silly sci-fi playland for everyone. a non commercial venture. The philosophy for Privateer Space is basically *nothing thats a commonality in SL will ever be here*(i.e no shops, no malls, no campers, not even a sim donation jar, no advertisements, no signs, no billboards, no clubs, no PR0n! and the only bots are actual prim robots :D). So if you are a real explorer, this is one sim you really need to go checkity check. Yes, Chestnut, I mean YOU. :p

I am a Space Pirate there, so don't fook with me if you see me, I'm heavily armed thanks to Aley. :D No, actually, please fook with me. That might be funner.

Oh and the sim is open to any AV type that can confirm to a PG sim (i.e. no mutilated babys or nakkie peoples). "Lots of the RPG sims have strict AV rules that amount to out right racism," according to Aley. Her sim is different.

Weird aliens welcomed and encouraged but no eating the visitors. The sim is 100% physics vehicle friendly and more spaceships will soon be out for people to play with. Anyone can bring their own, only an issue if there way to huge.

Go visit Aley's sim Privateer Space and if you see her, tell her HAI and that JellyBean & Hawks sent ya. :)


chestnut rau said...

no more drinking wine and dancing for me. i am going to fly (i mean crash) space ships and shoot things. yessss.

Shockwave Plasma said...

I agree that it's brilliant, it really is the best fun I've seen in SL in ages.

You better not cross lasers with Space Pirate Plasma!

Alysha Rennahan said...

Long Live the Muppet Show!! And Miss Piggy!! Woot woot!! ;op

Cierra Theriac said...

Ooooo - that looks like fun. And yeah, I am old enough to get the reference :p