Friday, January 11, 2008

Didn't see it coming...

Rosie attacked me - that betch! We fought tooth & nail (she broke one)! That'll teach me to be such a braggart, huh?

I was just sitting outside admiring the crisp, clean virtual air when BAM! She flys off my hammock & tosses me to the ground! She grabbed my left foot & dragged me at least 5 feet trying to pull my boot off. I curled my toes trying desperately to keep them on my feet. She was an animal, I tell ya. Purely insane - I saw it in her eyes!

So after she beat me up, ganked my boots, and left me in tears... I did what any sensible person would do in my sitch - I told Akasha! You're in big trouble now Rosie Shawk!!!!

New Deception and Stealth Boots for females are up at the main Sinistyle store.

Skin: "Busted Ho" 1313 Mocking Bird Lane (release coming soon?) by the one & only CallaLily Munster

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