Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tiny Empires - Mayhapsibly

I don't think I say it enough, or mayhaps I say it too much... but we really do have a great family!

Prince Shwartzie Gumbo the Keeper of the Castle has provided us with a great meeting place for balls & other family activities. The Castle is open to all, there you will find a ballroom, and several vendors, you can fly in a Aero-Putter flying machine over the castle and around the island, or shop for medieval clothing. Castle Coral

Princess Kaylantra Kasshiki (our favorite frequent flyer) puts together events for the family to get together & shake their groove things at the club Flares in Linda. In fact yesterday, the subjects of Mayhapsibly were there with subjects from the kingdom of Genovia. First Prince of Genovia Royal Whatever Ge Hermans was there spinning the great tuneage for us all. ~*~FLARES~*~ the Hangout

Sulayman Rumey & his lovely wife Azizah Davids are always available as knower of stuffs & answerererers of questions. :) The Royal Negotiators.

There's always an event, or some one to hang out with in our group. Very loyal, very awesome Princess Wigglebutt Symone DeCuir deserves kudos here as well... She is the master mind behind everything clerical in our family & is always working diligently to make our family better for everyone.

Big hugs to everyone in the line of Mayhapsibly, you make me a very proud Queen! :)

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