Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's the lil things...

I finally find my way into SL and this is what happens...

HawksRock Gunawan: blame JELLY for pointing out pulsating shower heads to me on
Symone DeCuir: lol
Symone DeCuir: lmao
HawksRock Gunawan: she is saying that this one has 28k pulses a minute, and she will never hafta leave the shower... evah
HawksRock Gunawan: then I pointed out it was only 2.8k so she might hafta come out on occasion
HawksRock Gunawan: STOP encouraging her... :p
JellyBean Madison: OMG! He's just mad 'cause I may never leave my shower
Symone DeCuir: lol
Symone DeCuir: I want one of those!
JellyBean Madison: it's only $19.99
JellyBean Madison: :o
Symone DeCuir: oooooh
JellyBean Madison: Waterpik 4-Setting Handheld Showerhead
Symone DeCuir: we don't have Target here
Symone DeCuir: hmmmm hand held is it?
JellyBean Madison: order online
JellyBean Madison: Handheld showerhead has 4 personalized shower settings for individual comfort and up to 2800 pulses per minute at 80 psi • Has 3 pulse modes: Pulse - steady pulsating spray, Turbo Pulse - powerful hyper massage and Spray Pulse - pulsating massage
Symone DeCuir: just might do that
Symone DeCuir: oooooo TURBO
JellyBean Madison: I KNOW!
Symone DeCuir: HYPER massage!
Symone DeCuir: OMG
JellyBean Madison: See... this is why he's so jealous
Symone DeCuir: He really has no idea what that means to a girl, does he?
Symone DeCuir: hahahahaha
JellyBean Madison: lmfao
Symone DeCuir: he says not to encourage you
JellyBean Madison: I'm over the deep end already
JellyBean Madison orders it online
Symone DeCuir: my address is:
JellyBean Madison: rofl
HawksRock Gunawan: I think I lost this argument... :/
HawksRock Gunawan: lol
Symone DeCuir: he's conceded the argument - the Bean WINS!
JellyBean Madison: YAY!
JellyBean Madison: I want it so bad
JellyBean Madison: lol
Symone DeCuir: lmao
JellyBean Madison: I'm like okay I'll wait til next week to order
Symone DeCuir: this is near good enough for profile
JellyBean Madison: but damnit I want it now!
Symone DeCuir: hmmmm, scrolls back up
JellyBean Madison: lol no shit
JellyBean Madison: let me find room
Symone DeCuir is gonna MAKE room
Symone DeCuir: awww who am I kidding, got not life, therefor, got plenny of room
JellyBean Madison: lol this *will* go into a blog post
Symone DeCuir: hehehe

Let me point out that angels fookin' sung, SUNG, when I found this online. Yup!

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Alysha Rennahan said...

Ruh roh! Did I get someone hooked on LOL!! Luvs!