Friday, July 27, 2007

Time Killin

So before someone has a freaking cow, NO! I have not skinned the damn dog & made shoes... yet. Not saying I won't. That dog is seriously pissing me off along with uhhh... housecleaning, high taxes, Hawaii heat/rain, chocolate surf, summertime blues, being out of pickles, missing Aka, no good releases, losing my dirty red texture at ETD, no transfer clothes, the club next door, creeps, and oh... some other stuffs I shouldn't mention. Can someone grab me a Dew? kkthnx

Rezz Day Party
Can we fast forward yet? Hawks is really cracking the whip trying to make it so perfect. I love him for it, all of it, but but but... I'm already tired of seeing me. LOL I have no building talent, though I did make some kick ass suitcases if I do say so myself. :p Why? Lack of suitcases in SL, duh! I'm not even sure if invites are done, but I know they haven't gone out. Ahem... *looks around*

NO Bean Left Behind
As it turns out LL has left me behind. *tear* My Voice Beta only works in the WA. Wildmutt is voice enabled as well as other spots I frequent, yet my voice won't work while everyone else's does. Anyone have an ideas why? It shows I'm in voice but always says there's no active speakers even while standing next to Orchid & Rosie, who I happen to know were active speakers... actively talking shit about retard Jell that wasn't as cool as them in voice. Betches! :p

Scooter - Harder Faster
So I made yet another dance video yesterday to show off the Animazoo dances... again. Shup! This time for MGG2SL though. I could have just posted one of the other two vids I did with regards to Animazoo but this gave me an excuse to do a new one. :D
I believe this is the dances in order of appearance in video:
Animazoo dance 1
Animazoo dance 2se
Animazoo dance 5
Animazoo sliding feet
dance 1
dance 5
dance 4
dance 6
dance 7
dance 8
dance 11

That's it for now... kisses!

P.s. Note to self - Don't try to blog & DJ. Oh wait, that only applies if you're pretending to take requests. :)
P.s. 2 KILL DOG!


Rosie said...

hmmm guess that's what you get for being so close minded about voice and using it in sl :P

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Let's leave my bigotry out of this! :)

Orchid said...

I thought that liscense plate said "SUFFER" ...