Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Face of Style Winners

The winners of the "Face of Style" Contest...

With over 700 entries, it took us hours upon hours to choose finalists. Ultimately, we ended up only being able to narrow it down to four. Each winner will receive 10,000L in prize money and a photoshoot with Starley and Ginny. In addition to truly going above and beyond, as each person's photos were exceptional, you all proved what beautiful avatars you have and what unique senses of style can be represented in-world. Without further ado, here are the winners:

Gillian Waldman
Rachelle Slade
Scarlet Singer
Torrid Midnight

I only know Gillian, Scarlet & Torrid, but yay to Rachelle too. Congrats all 4 of ya. Especially Gillian cause she's so freaking adorable! :D

You can see the winner's pics here: Faces of Style Winners

*walks away grumbling about pink hair discrimination in the fashion industry* :)


theshadow said...

I was thinking of entering, but I decided not to spend the cash to meet the full requirements... After all in the end I'd have to hope to win to make back more than a part of that... and it's only about $30 or $40 USD... Not that incredible a prize...

Anyways, grats to those that did win!

myg said...

okay don't mean to be catty but don't all the winners look like variations of the same av? I'm a Starley fan too (I'd roll over and derez/die without my vogue/freckled skin) but these avs really all look alike to me! they are beautiful to be sure but i feel like i'm looking at virtual brat dolls...sorry! i think you shoulda got picked j! but i'm not biased or nothin'