Monday, July 30, 2007

August Blogger Party Theme

From Veyron's Blog post:
Alright, it looks like we have some sort of consensus on what to vote on. At least we don't need a poll on what to vote on. JellyBean and Hawks sound like they are going to host the next party. Do we have a date yet on when the party is? I'd like to close voting 5-7 days before the party.

I'm guessing the party will be on Sunday, August 19th? Does that sound mid monthish? I think that's right. Anywho let me know if it doesn't sound right & vote vote vote. Haha! Super heroes is so kickin ass!

August Blogger Party Theme - vote here

For the next party here's what we have:

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Alex Burgess said...

Sunday, 19 August sounds good to me! And what's up with Superheros winning? Bah. I think I'll come as a Supervillan. Casanova Frankenstein anyone?