Monday, July 30, 2007

Post Rezz Day Thank Yous

I need to start this post of with a huge tackle hug, lick, and Ooooo... XXX of the one & only Hawks. Without him the most perfect rezz day party ever wouldn't have happened. This man, who I adore, pulled off this entire shindig all by himself. From history research via snapzilla, deco/build, notecard correspondence, learning basic PSP in 3 days, invitations, debut DJ'n for 4 full hours, and being the bestest party host EVER! Thank you baby for everything... I feel I don't tell you enough how much every minute with you means to me. From the bottom of my heart thank you for the man you are & loving me everyday.

I also need to say thanks to everyone who was able to attend today. I know Sundays, especially SLT in the evenings can be uber tough no matter what time zone you're in. With the risk of me leaving someone out, and I really don't wanna do that. I'm going to say a heartfelt group thank you to each & every one of you that came today. It means so much to me that you took time away from your busy slives & spent a few hours with me on my rezz day.

There were only a few people that came that I didn't know and they were sweet, tote. I have to say without a doubt I am the luckiest girl in SL to have people like you rezzed into my life! :)

Gillian was able to take some awesome pics before LL shut down postcards. You can see them here on her snapzilla. Mwahs & hugs to you all. I don't think I can say thank you enough, it was truly my honor to have you celebrate with me.


Dreamer said...

Glad you had an awesome day Jell .. so happy to have been invited + to be a part of it! <3 MOSTEST!!

+ onya Hawks, well done buddy .. great work on all the stuff you're crap at + the party n organisin stuffs + DJ'in was brilliant! <3

<3 ya both!

Gillian Waldman said...

I had the most funnest time everz! Good thing I left when I did though because clearly, me and Tringo don't mix! Luckily, I only lost my shoes lol.

Needless to say, I am wicked tired today.

Love you and *mwahhhh*

Gillian Waldman said...

Grrrr I should have said "Tringo and I"

Orchid said...

I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell everyone that I beat BOTH Jelly AND Hawks at a game of tringo.

Ok. That's all. Bye.

Timothy Lilliehook said...

Happy Rezday, JB!

*me hates time differences* ... seems I miss all the fun ;)

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Thank you guys... it was a blast! :)

Anonymous said...

Belated 3rd rezzday JB...glad to hear you had wootmuch fun..and po'd that I missed it..grrr

October Hush said...

Hawks did an amazing job with your party! He's a keeper, for sure ;-)

Happy rez day, hon! I'm glad I got to go to your party...sorry I couldn't stay longer.

DesertWolf said...

Great Party!
Props to Hawks for the great job.
Sorry I got there as late as I did.

HawksRock said...

Well you can't have a fun party without great peeps, so thanks to everybody for coming above and beyond everything else.

I had a blast, and it made it all worth it... although I must admit I am soooo taking it easy on the blogger party and making Jelly do the work, while I dance the macarena and chit chat with her... *winks*

Gillian you are way too nice and fun for us to bash you over the head for grammatical usage..

Orchid, I think that Jelly and I are up for a rematch at any point in time... I still think team Jawks was pretty well represented over the course of the evening if my memory serves correctly... at least we ended up with the fewest clothes which says something about our motivation...