Tuesday, July 31, 2007

:FORM: Return of the Ghetto Destroyer!

Form's Return of the Ghetto Destroyer is different from the original Ghetto Destroyer which was an exclusive at Block Party 4. This one has a black finish, more graffiti, and 50 different loops from the original. If you didn't get the original Ghetto Destroyer, please don't ask Zabitan Assia to sell you one...it was an exclusive, and he says "it's staying that way!"

Just right click and wear it from your inventory. Click on the boombox, choose a loop, and the beats will start blastin out the speakers! The first time you play it, the loops may take a few seconds before playing since they haven't been cached yet. If a sim is laggy, it may take a few seconds for the music to kick in as well. Also, your AO may interfere with the pose Zab made for holding the boombox. Turn your AO off if the pose isn't working.

Not something I'd carry around ALL the time but still a cool accessory for those times you're just hanging. I like it as an alternative to my AO (Zhao) when I find myself standing around for long periods of time doing nothing. Shup! This is my past-time besides shopping. I also like the tunes, though repetitious, some are oldies but goodies & you can only do so much with wav. bits in SL. Kudos Zab.

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October Hush said...

My friend Menno Ophelia makes an awesome mini-reggae soundsystem-style boombox that plays 40 loops of dub reggae. The thing is friggin' awesome...if you're into dub. Obviously, Menno and I are, haha.