Tuesday, July 24, 2007

For the wub of Mankind!

I know, I suck.. no really, it's cool. I know. Mankind Tracer jumped over Maximillion Kleene in my favoritest chart of Live Music Performers to date in SL. I just happened across one of his shows last week and wouldn't you know I forgot to blog it. *gasp*

Mankind plays some awesome guitar riffs. (is that right?) And people flock like lost lil SL sheep to see him. The one I "stumbled" across was standing room only with 70 people hitting the island sim max in the Isle of More. As soon as I heard him I wanted to throw my panties on stage. *mwah mwah mwah Hawks baby* The very next performance I figured the sim would be uber crowded so I tp'd in & ganked the stream for Hawks & I to tune in at home. Hawks is still very fond of Max, as am I. I just know in a Live Music deathmatch, I'd chose Mankind. :o I'm not so sure Hawks would say the same.

Mankind is a solo rock musician touring presently around all of SL. His act: him & an acoustic playing the best Rock covers from the 70's forward as well as my originals. From Clapton to Creed, Pink Floyd to Pearl Jam. To learn more:

The thing I love the most about Mankind is that he seems so down to Earth and very comfortable with his performances. Each time I've tuned in, he's invited others to dance on stage with him as he rocks his guitar. His events are awesome & non-formal. Everyone has a great time and he is definitely worth a listen if you get a chance.

Join the Friends of Mankind group for gig notices and news.
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"Peace, love and belief!"

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