Thursday, May 31, 2007


Anyone else having Heroes withdrawals now that it's going on almost 2 weeks without it? Oh I am. The new season starts up in Sept. As far as I know, the first episode of Season 2 is set to premiere on Monday, September 24th. Four days after my RL bday, haha! Bday pressie? Mayhaps.
Anyways while you may be like me having the Heroes shakes (seriously in the corner, fetal position rocking as you suck your thumb, yah you so know what I'm on about) Krius of Sinistyle released "The Boogey Man" inspired by the jacket Sylar wore. Ooo the bad guy! Evil! Evil!
You can read more on Krius' blawg... SiniStyle Decapitated
And look at me & Aka sporting it... :p Krius rocks my freaking socks!

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