Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Can I get a Wuwu!

Hey guess what? I'm a celeb! Yay! Actually I thought celebs made more of a contribution to the SLociety than I do. So hmm... I think I'll start shaking babies & kissing hands. Errr I tote mean shaking hands & kissing babies. :)

Haha I think celebs are those who actually earn the status by having talent or doing something significant. It could be designing, building, being the former face of ETD (winks at Willow & Trin), or being a leader in the SL community. I'm none of those things, just a blogger. I guess that's why I am so tickled to have our house featured in this issue of the Avastar.

Lionila Lightfoot came to me a month ago & asked to take pics and ask questions about my home. At the time it was just me and one little house on barely any land. Amazing how things can change in so little time.

Anywho just thought I'd share my wuwu moment. :D

Here's the link if you wanna see a better pic... Page 18


Ann said...
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Ann said...

Sorry, I somehow lost the ability to spell simple words like 'be.' lol

What I originally meant to say was:

Nooo, definitely shake the prim babies! Maybe their bits will fly off and disappear.

Speaking of, have you seen that Launa Fauna t-shirt, 'I Deleted Your Baby'? lol

Congrats, Ms. Celeb...soon to be Mrs. Celeb. ;-)