Friday, June 8, 2007

I be loving it, I be loving it!

Neko - The Kitten
A couple weeks ago, we saved a cute little kitten from the pet store cage. We named her Neko (pronounced Knee-Co, not Neck-Co, specifically cause it makes me giggle to say it wrong). She is a feisty little calico who has yet to "meow". Anyways, I wub her, and thought I'd share that bit of RL info cause uh, like I can and stuff not because you care.

Wedding Plans
Obviously we've decided on light pink & lavender for the wedding coordinating colors. Currently wedding buildage has come to a stand still as Aka hasn't much time online & since her move, our time zones are uber bad. We still need the invitations, altar, seating, pose balls, a prettiful waterfall and umm... bows. Yes! Bows!

It's on the to-do list. Really. We're getting there, slowly. Might help if we set a definite date too. Flying by the seat of our pants I'd say. The build thus far is loverly though, huh?

Vote Rosie for SLG 07'

A vote for Rosie is a vote for umm... Okay so we really really haven't gotten that far. We did discuss it, a little. Haha! I just want Rosie to run cause I'm chickenshit? Yah, that's probably it. Completely. Cheeese!
Rosie Shark: hell I don't even have a cause
Rosie Shark: omg ur killing me smalls! lol that's my grand mission?
You: basically
Rosie Shark: new release walls? Seems kinda weak
You: and to appoint ur vice govenor (me)
Rosie Shark: lol vice govenor
You: yes
Rosie Shark: why don't u just run?
Rosie Shark: ur pink
Rosie Shark: sure thing
You: I cant handle full responsibility
You: stressful
You: but I can act as ur mouth piece
Rosie Shark: perfect
Rosie Shark: log me in and do the work?
You: sure - works for me
Rosie Shark: no pink hair tho
You: ROSIE SHARK - Help me, help you, help me (and Jelly)
Rosie Shark: lol
Rosie Shark: Vote US... our lipgloss be POPPIn
Rosie Shark: omg let's dual run!
Rosie Shark: two for the price of one? eh?
You: LOL Yes

I still like it, just less on night settings. Speaking of, it's late, I'm spent & sweetest creams...

Happy Friday! :)

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