Friday, June 1, 2007

I'll take SL drama for $1000L

Crazy Tringo host strikes again... And I wasn't even there! She traded cards with me last night after apologizing to me for oh, iunno, BEING CRAZY! Last night went fine, though she did get on *my* Dreamer's bad side right away. No one tells Dreamer to shush! NO ONE! What I would like to know is how they get the power & internet cords into padded rooms so that the mentally unstable can invade my SLife. Isn't that like a complete fire hazard? I worry for their safety, and mine.

Anywho, she ims me asking me to come to her tringo tonight, but I was already at Dreamer's tringo which really is above all. So I tell her mayhaps later. You'd think she'd take that as what I said & leave me alone, right? Newp, she then had to tell me how Dreamer was rude to her last night. Hmmm, I don't remmy Dreamer being the shusher, she was the shushee. Yah, well... whatever. If you remmy in the last episode she said that she had been playing SL since 2003 and that this was a new account because of dramas & whatnot. Okay, really, I don't care. Don't care to hear your slife story or basically anything that gets printed on my screen from your finger tips. You attacked me 3 days ago & yah, I hold a grudge.

So in tonight's convo lil Miss/Mr Unstable gets offended by this one question...

JellyBean Madison:
u've been in sl 2003 and never played classic tringo?!

This turns into a "slight attack" on her because I said it struck me as odd that someone could play like 4 years in SL and never try Classic Tringo, but can host T2. Confusing yet? Seriously it came down to me saying:

JellyBean Madison:
You are seriously unstable ******. You're right, I won't be at your tringo, nor will I keep your card. Any slight thing I say sets you off and I don't care to walk on eggshells around people in my secondlife. Have fun hosting & hey totally good luck with that

But still she kept going back & forth between threatening me by "going to her tringo boss to have me banned" & being apologetic. Remmy in the beginning of Happy Gilmour when his girlfriend dumped him, he went from mad to super sorry, back to mad? Yup, that's crazy tringo host. Seriously people like this should not be allowed within my personal bubble, nor SecondLife.

The end because my Hawks is sleepy. :)

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