Friday, June 15, 2007

Oh yeahhh... Pillow Talk baby

Unless you've lived an incredibly sheltered SL, you've heard of the infamous Pillow Talk by Sandy Clymer. Well here's something new... Way below the business clouds lies a serene country type town that Sandy encourages residents to visit in her profile, "visit the ground level of Pillow Talk, for more of my creations, or just to relax. Company is always welcomed ;) If I'm online, you can usually find me here."

Almost everything is clickable, sittable, ridable, changeable, free to copy and/or for sale. Among some of the cool new additions we discovered the "Log" which seats two. It has a nice laying back animation and a straddling the log sit, both pretty unisex. This log is no trans, but fully modable & copyable. Perfect to put in a garden, backyard, or any outdoor area.

She has even taken some of our favorite animations & placed them in other outdoor-esque themed items. For example, the "Complete Me" pillow that Hawks & I so love can be found as a "Complete Me" rock or Apple Basket (goes perfectly with the "Apple Tree").

All the buildings that create the town atmosphere are available prefabs that you can purchase. You can find a Farm House (mod/copy), picnic shelter, Lighthouse, Emmies house, Country Church, and a Barn. I believe that she also sells the furnishings used inside the builds as well (i.e. chairs, lamps, art, etc).

As you stroll the beautifully landscaped grounds you'll notice everything is just perfectly placed for an all around quiet, romantic, lovely tranquil feeling. Sandy has also placed her popular towels around the grounds with some new animations. These are great for the railing, deck, lanai, or gazebos you may have in your home. Some contain more than one animation that can be changed with a simple touch.

This town is spread throughout 62,144 sqm of pure Pillow Talk sim goodness set around a center lake with lush greenness and outskirted with a charming beach. Make sure that you try everything from riding the swans, floating on lily pads and exploring the beach cave. One could completely furnish & create the home of their dreams with all the creations Pillow Talk offers.

Oh before I forget, two new pillows were quietly released, both singles. The "Read Paper" pillow and the "Sugar" pillow which is a multi-pose that includes two different laying on tummy anims. Both are available on the upper cloud level in the New Stuff section.

Another store deserving of mention in this post (we found one of his squirrels at Pillow Talk) is Cloud Insoo's Second Wildlife Nature Reserve - The new home of Second Wildlife. Come sit by the water, visit the beautiful gardens. Take home some wildlife too! Cloud spends many hours modeling & scripting his creations, so new additions may be slow in coming but are well worth the wait! The animated wildlife here is just too amazing to describe properly with my word smithing skills. But I highly suggest you check it out for yourself.
Happy Shoppifications! :)

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