Saturday, June 16, 2007


After a rough RL day, a hug from a friend is all you need. Even a virtual hug can make you smile & feel better. Thank you Dreamer. :D


Dreamer said...

ur so welcome Jell! <3 always got a hug for a friend .. actually, u shld probly kno about me .. i'm kinda a hug-a-holic! :P anywhere, anytime .. not-so-much anyONE tho. :)


PS is it there yet?? :P

HawksRock said...

Hey welcome to the posts Dreamer... I may be wrong, but I was thinking this may be your first... :)

Dreamer said...

u may be wrong .. or u may indeed be right :D

.. or you may just be crazy! :P

<3 ya + ty 4 the welcomes! :D