Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What do ya know? What do ya say?

Just posting a couple pics that we took today. We are actually submitting photos to the ETD Poster contest & I have to say, it's kinda hard. I suppose it's not hard for one person but oh gosh. I didn't want to do it without Hawks. So we went & got him some guy ETD hair, but then we had to shop for clothes too. All my clothes & his come from a variety of different places. Not to mention that most of my outfits I'm in consist of pieces from probably 4-8 different outfits. So meeting the poster standard of "Clothes by Last Call, Celestial Studios, ETD, or Canimal" was a bit of a challenge for me and a HUGE task for Hawks. I think we managed pretty darn well. Here's just a few we took:

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