Saturday, June 9, 2007

The Zilla Jumps from Beta!

Oh yes... wave as Snapzilla makes the jump from beta to version 2.0 actually, to go with the whole Web 2.0 theme, plus Snapzilla is now 2 years old.

After two years and over 150,000 pictures, Snapzilla is about to emerge from beta and jump right to version 2.0. SL's best photo sharing site is about to get even better. Coming in June (slightly delayed), some new features include: - picture uploads -a brand new picture browser - a list of places to visit later - much easier tagging and album creation - custom SL teeshirt creation from Snapzilla pictures - member profiles -new comment system -new search options and -Snapzilla groups.

I think the feature that has me most interested is the new "Groups" feature. You would be able to create a group, give it a name and email address - then anyone could submit pictures to it by emailing that address. (This makes it much easier for like, let's say my Blingtard album.) As the owner of the group, you could remove pictures if needed from the group, and also control what the text at the top of your group page says. The pictures will still display normally as individuals, but it will also give the group name on it - and each group will have their own page with a header that can be edited to add a logo, text, etc. As for this new group feature, Cris says, he has already "implemented the code for it, I just need to make the page to define the group, so hopefully it will be the second new feature I roll out this weekend." It will work sorta like this: you & your friends will just email to versus the regular, for example.

Also, another new feature not even mentioned much yet is a new recent activity screen, that will have tabs that show your latest pictures, latest pictures from those on your buddy list, recent comments on pictures, etc. How cool does that sound? *runs off to kick people off her buddy list*

Another thing to be implemented is an easy way to do combined searches. So you can search for pictures with a certain tag, matching a certain keyword, from a certain sim, and/or from a certain person. That is a little overkill as an example but for example you could search for all of the pictures you have taken that are tagged blingtard, which works now but it gets confusing. This new search feature will be much easier - because you could search for pictures you have taken in the past week from a certain sim, for example as well.

Later tonight Cristiano will hopefully release a piece of 2.0 as a preview - the new browser. He'll then roll out pieces of it instead of a giant release to get it out faster.

If you would like to be first to try out some of these features, be sure to join the group Snapzilla Fans in SL like me & Hawks - they will be announced there first. Put on your happy smile, buckle up & enjoy the ride on Version 2.0!

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