Sunday, August 12, 2007

Hawk's Random Catchup

Book em Dano
Here I am sporting my new fav accessory, the Hawaii Five-oh badge, which even plays the theme music. You can get yours in Frequency Deluxe. The fun I have had with this so far, has been well worth it. If I actually get cracking on a script for a new JH report today, then you will get to see it in action... :) We were test filming some scenes yesterday to see if my idea would work, and needless to say I was laughing too hard to walk a straight line with my av, so I hope we pull this one together.

Voice Take 12
Well, okay maybe not Take 12, but we have to be up to at least 7 or 8 by now. She loves voice (although now that she actually has it we will see if it was grass is always greener on the other side type love), but I love skype. Well we FINALLY ended up in a situation last night where there were OTHER people using voice and Jelly was able to participate! Woot woot!! Welcome to the club. Dreamer was hosting some tringo action at midnight last night (yes I took a nap cuz that was 2 am for me just to bring my A-game) and we ended up having 5 of us all together with the voice viewer in a situation where we could talk. Sooo, how did it go? It basically ended up with Jelly and I doing our normal Saturday night skype routine and everybody else typing tons of LOL's, LMAO's, and ROFL's in general chat. Well okay, we didn't do ALL of the talking just like 99.8% of it, which you can take a pretty good wager on how much of that 99.8% was Jelly and how much was me... let's just say it wasn't 50/50. But anyways, it did end up being fun... in a stranger than life SL kind of way.

TRINGO - Safe for now
Okay, so I am officially declaring Tringo as not applicable to the gambling ban... so whew on that one. Jelly and I were a tad suspect there for a while. In my opinion, LL called out tringo specifically in this typically obtuse line on their official statement, "Games of pure intellectual or physical skill, such as puzzles or other skill contests, may not fall under this definition." So breath easy peeps, we don't hafta take Tringo underground anymore.

Myg and Alex
Every once in a while you meet somebody in this game who really stands out and has the potential to become a really good friend above and beyond all the normal acquaintances that you fade in and out of over time. Well both Jelly and I are very happy to have met Myg and Alex. They officially get my "Second Most Awesome Couple in SL" award for this year. They share a lot of our interests in music, blogging, and signing up for way more stuff than they should... I love the fact that they create together, and are both extremely genuine in their interactions. Jelly has been having a blast participating in the Met A Stranger series, and I was able to donate a small sliver to the plot line by helping fill in the backstory between Jelly and Alex's characters. Needless to say we are both very happy to be able to be a part of this great project as it unfolds. But more importantly, we are happy to have been given the opportunity to get to know both of them better, and we look forward to continuing to become closer friends with them over time. Be sure to check out their blog, M is for Myg.

Hmmm, well this post is running longer than I thought, and I still have 3 more topics to cover... lol. Not to mention that Harry Potter is calling my name (yes I am just now reading it, but shup... still loving it) and I need to get cracking on a script for the JH report... so peace for now.

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myg said...

I've been so assspankingly remiss with everybody's blogs these days due to my out of control RL. But I did catch this post, Hawks, and wanted to say, "awwwww!" And as the "more openly expressive" half of the Myg/Alex duo, let me just say, "Awwwww...hugs!" and we feel totally the same way about you guys - so glad we met you and are having tremendous good times getting to know you better. kisses! plus hell your contribution to Met a Stranger kicks some serious dramatic ass. You sure you don't like drama?