Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I, Mannequin

"All the windows are a stage and mannequins are mere players"

She speaks:
You: "
Mannequin" do u blog while u model?
Mannequin: most of the time I'm not here, but I'm now
You: Ah
Mannequin: so yes
You: do u have to change often?
Mannequin: nah totally free
Mannequin: can wear what i like to
You: but u get paid right?
Mannequin: yes
You: awesome!
Mannequin: for standing here
You: u officially have the most awesome job eva'r!
Mannequin: lol
Dreamer Demontrond: lmao
Mannequin: well u could get it yourself too if u like
You: really?
Mannequin: just go across the street
You: is it better pay than camping?
Mannequin: o hell yea
You: Niceee!
Mannequin: 35 per hour
You: I see more stores have models/
Mannequin: yes, this isn't paid a lot compared to others maybe, but well, i like it
You: thanks for the info :)))
Mannequin: so if u want to, across the street in the other shop u can fill out the app
Mannequin: yw
You: k ty

The application:
Reaction Mannequins: Your name?
JellyBean Madison
Reaction Mannequins: Sex?
Yes please! J/k female
Reaction Mannequins: How long have you been apart of SL?
3 years, 3 weeks & 2 days
Reaction Mannequins: On average, how many hours a week do you play SL?
too many
Reaction Mannequins: What time's are you normally online. (SL Time)?
930 am - 2 a.m.
Reaction Mannequins: What's your favorite item(s) in Reaction?
bead skirt
Reaction Mannequins: Do you use "Away from keyboard" scripts, to allow your avie to stay logged in for a numerous amount of innactive time?
newp, but I'm willing to
Reaction Mannequins: Done! Click 'Submit' to submit your form.

You: yay
Dreamer Demontrond: lol
Dreamer Demontrond: so didja get it?
You: iunno
Dreamer Demontrond: or will they 'b in touch'?
You: their ppl will call my ppl

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Dreamer said...

ur SO not a stay-at-home sl wiff! :D