Friday, August 10, 2007

If monkeys can do it, wtf can't you?

/vent on
Seriously I have decided that a lot of fashion bloggers don't blog for the people. Newp! I've said this before. I have. Mayhaps I should have posted this on MGG2SL too for more exposure so hopefully some of ya'll can get a freaking clue. Oh well, I already started here.

Here's my theories...

A) uber lazy
B) don't care
C) just want a reason to show ya'll overly cute pics of themselves.

Okay I get it, you're fucking adorable. No really you are. That's the beauty of SL, we're all fucking adorable. Some more vain than others, and some just so cute you wanna gobble them up. I will raise my hand & state that I'm vain in SL, totally, and I love taking pics of my AV in the cutest fashions, mix & match, new releases, etc. That's great & I'm all for all ya'll and your cutesy, nahm nahm, looket me pics... really.

My bitch is SLURLS! It's great that you want to take the pics & even tell us where to buy the stuff (store name), but it's like asking you to pluck your prim eyelashes out to make a SLurl. It's honestly not that hard. Really! In fact let me walk you through how to do it since knowledge is power & I'm tired of dickin around.

  • If you choose to go home to blog your latest find(s), you can still make a SLurl. Yup, did you not know that? Just look up the store, LM or whatever way you used to get there originally... choose show on map, then Copy Slurl to clipboard. Wuwu! Even if you are still at the store, just open the big map, and click right next to your yellow dot, hit Copy Slurl to clipboard.
  • It might be easier for you in the future if you pasted any SLurls you make onto a notecard for later use.
  • When you go to blog the newest adorable pics of yourself just highlight the name of the store, and insert the link.
If you need any help, by all means IM me inworld (JellyBean Madison) and I will personally hold your hand thru the whole process.

/vent off

Insert cutesy vain pic here:


Kitty Lalonde said...

*holds hands up*

Yeah I know I really should do that, and for you I will. To be honest it's my least favourite part of the whole thing is telling people where all the stuff came from. It's such a pain in the arse to have to put on all the different stuff. I spose I should be sensible and just do one outfit instead of six which would probably make it more bearable, but that's just the way I do things.

Anyhoo, note has been taken and in honor of you I will put SLurls all over my next post

Anonymous said...

JB..if I ever miss a slurl when I post, please come and kick my ass for me, and I promise not to like it..too much *g*

Jungle Jewell said...

Thank you for this! I think it's a lot faster for a blogger to make a SLURL than for a reader to have to go through search. SL's search seems basic, and often gives many results, and usually the one we're looking for is not listed first.

theshadow said...

Personally I don't do them because I rarely if ever blog from the same PC as I SL on. Unless their is a free tool somewhere to send SLURL's to email addresses or something then I'm not likely to be able to do them anytime soon.

On the other hand I make sure that what I do give will be accurate so they can simply type the name as I did into search and get the store.

Queenie said...

Just playin' devil's advocate it the bloggers who are lazy, or the consumers? How hard is it really to click on Search in-world if we, as fashion bloggers, provide both the store name AND creator's name? In 98% of the cases, you can't go wrong...and if'n ya can't find the store with that info provided, then I would say the creator needs to step up the personal advertising, at least via their profile (FREE!).

We are not getting paid by the creators to blog and it takes a lot of time for each post as it is. It's free advertising...FUN for us, but yet it IS time-consuming as we try to put together a look that flatters the pieces we are showing. As per Tanya Book's post today,
she's absolutely correct--many times I have seen ads for products that just didn't interest me until I saw it on someone else either in-world or via a blog post, and many times in my year+ of blogging, people have told me that they found great treasures after seeing an item on me. Some creators just don't have the knack for ads that compliment what they have made, or they would just rather spend the time on creating--understandable--however, advertising needs to be of some importance, IMO. And sometimes it just takes seeing something on a different avie to spark interest. Call it vanity...sometimes it is, I'm sure. But most times it's simple praise for the things we have seen/found and loved and we want to share our enthusiasm and spread the word.

I do try to place SLurl's at least for the featured products in my posts...the rest just gets redundant to me since in a lot of cases I am citing my usual suspects for items such as skins, shoes, accessories--I have my faves that I tend to stick to in those categories and frankly my L$ balance is far from being a bottomless pit and tends to go towards hair and clothes mainly. I am currently on a diet trying to limit my clothing purchases in favor of stepping up my accessory arsenel.

As far as review copies go, they tend to be very few and far between for me personally, ranging from maybe 2-4 per month, which I reckon from chats with other fashion bloggers is kinda pitiful so I must really suck LOL. I have NEVER asked for a review copy, although I have been tempted at times, but I have thus far stayed true to the fact that if I like it enough to want to blog it, I'd spend the L$ I do. I'm not complaining because I DO have stuff that was passed to me and keeps getting put by the wayside in favor of stuff that I saw and purchased on my own accord. Juggling two RL jobs and an actual RL social life makes it difficult to blog all, whether bought or given, because I DO try to put time and effort into each post...and there have been times when I have rushed it and later regretted it.

Convenience (like SLurls) is a beautiful me, I was on a fruitless search for a couple of items tonight that left me frustrated and empty-handed. And it wasn't the fault of any bloggers; it was the creators who lacked info via their profiles, as well as not listing themselves in Places (ok c'mon..a Place listing costs what? 30L per week?) and/or Classifieds. After a lot of wasted time I threw my hands up and said "Ya know what? If they can't be bothered, neither can I."

Apologies, sorta, for being long-winded and traveling slightly off-topic.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Thanks for the comments guys...

Queenie that's one of my issues. The store name isn't enough & though you may list the creator's name, not all the other bloggers do. I could debate where the responsibility lies with you, but I think if you take the time to go to the store & find it, two clicks to add a Slurl won't kill ya. You are blogging for the readers, aren't you?