Monday, August 6, 2007

NO BEAN LEFT BEHIND! I'm *Not* The Only One

I tried my theory & popped out that second sound card. Still no voice, then Hawks tried to help. Still no voice. Where the hell do we go for tech support, where? Oh please do not say the Jira. I don't know why everything has to be so bleepin difficult. I remmy when we used forums for the shit the Jira is now used for. Oh yea, forums! I already looked at the SL Wiki too and ya'll know I hate the wiki so much, but not as much as the Jira.

Kitty sent me an IM last night letting me know I'm not the only one and linked me here. Yup, sounds just like me. I know Hawks hates voice in SL and we're doing just fine with Skype, but I wanna be the one that listens to other peoples thoughts outloud & laugh at them. It doesn't make much sense that my Skype works, my THERE voice works, I think. I tried logging into THERE and it says: Sorry, too many bad password attempts have been made recently on your account. Please try again in 15 minutes. Well fook me if I remmy that crap! Haha! So now I'm waiting for my email giving me a new password. I WANNA TALK DAMN IT! I have a voice, opinions & inner thoughts I can verbally spew. Let me Do it! Do it! Do it!
Haha! I got in but it sucked!!!

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Ann said...

File a support ticket or get someone on Live Chat and bitch at them. If you haven't beheld the mediocrity which is our Support Portal yet, the log in is at the very bottom of the support page. Live Chat is reached through completing all the Solution Finder steps...enter garbage to get the 'continue' buttons.

Enjoy! :-p

Wrath said...

Yeah, don't make me file an AR with blogger telling them that the Verbal Stew blog people aren't even Verbal-capable! hehe

I thought it was very odd on that support forums thread you linked to about the person who posted that they can use Voice on an alt, but not their normal account... That doesn't make sense.

Hope you get Voice working soon - it's way too much fun listening to people who do not realize their mic is still on. :-)

Gillian Waldman said...

You're not the only one Jell. My voice mostly only works in Welcome idea why. I don't want to hang out at Ahern for the rest of my slife!

tiana meriman said...

why cant we have fluid animations and cool loooking stuff in sl like in there? that stuff looked like fun!