Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nifty Thingys

Nifty Thingy 1 - Musical Alchemy Concert Grand Piano v4.00
Fine Musical Instruments by Persephone Milk at Musical Alchemy. Home to the most beautiful and romantic pianos in Second Life. The Concert Grand Piano is packed with features not seen in any other piano. Solo and couples play, color and texture changing, over an hour of beautiful piano music, and 60 poses on the lid (including 30 couples cuddles). Also, be sure to see the new Concert Harp, and authentic recreation of a classical concert harp. All instruments are transferable and make wonderful gifts.

Nifty Thingy 2 - Giant Animated Hamster Wheel
This has to be the coolest free thing ever. I ran across a bus last night built by Arcadia Asylum. I instantly looked up Arcadia to see where I could buy the same bus. To my surprise and advantage, everything Arcadia makes is FREE! Yes, free. This is true Hobo Couture. The notecard I later received said:
All Objects created by me (Arcadia Asylum) are FREE and opensource. you can copy and modify and pass around to anyone anywhere, the ONLY stipulation is:


That said, you may distribute in any way you like, you may use the things anywhere and even blow them to bits if thats your thing. I only don't want the stuff sold.

As FREEBIES theres no warranties or product support.

Thats it, KIS (Keep It Simple) :D

So how can you easily find this stuff? On SLexchange of course, just click here: Items by Arcadia Asylum

Nifty Thingy 3 - Husband with a Rose in his Mouth
Completely priceless and worth 5435464446546872 wooage points. Mwah baby! *licks the tip of your nose*


Wilhelmina Yoshikawa said...

Aww I love the hamster wheel! I must get one of those! Thanks for posting about this!

I thought I would write to you about the voice thing. Maybe you have already tried doing this, but just in case: do you use windows xp? Is its inbuilt firewall blocking voice?

It happened to me today. I installed voice and made my (other) firewall to allow it to access the net. I didn't even think of the xp firewall. When I had opened SL then the xp firewall alerted me that it had just blocked the new voice application, so I unblocked it. Maybe depending on the settings you have, the xp firewall could be blocking it without alerting you about it. It's worth checking it out.

Because I use another firewall, I wouldn't have even remembered xp has its own inbuilt firewall, if it hadn't alerted me.

♥ JellyBean ♥ said...

Thanks Wilhelmina. I did turn off my XP firewall. That was one of the things I tried last night. Still no go. :( I have a couple other ideas I'm going to dabble in & see what happens. I saw this on the Jira:

Alan Hearn - 09/Aug/07 02:31 PM
I had the same issue and had to add a port trigger to my router in order to get the test program to work.
You need to add a rule that says when an application uses UDP ports 3478, 5060, or 5062 then open up UDP input ports 12000 - 16000.

Now if that wasn't geek (I meant geek) to me, we might have a solution. :D