Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Casting Call

So far this is who we have... btw ya'll rawk!
Kitty Lalonde
Luna Jubilee
Gillian Waldman
Eva Tiramisu
david Partridge
Tiana Meriman
Cierra Theriac
Rosie Shark
and of course, Hawks

Shenandoah Saintlouis
Laylah Mistral (which usually means Jon Desmoulins too) :p
Wrath Paine
Steves Mcmahon

It'd be nice to have more guys, hint hint. I'm hoping to have more info for ya'll by Thursday. I need my Aka to build me a set since I don't have my normal big set builder no more. :'( So stay tuned...


Laylah said...

Signing in! As long as it's on a day I can play I'll be there. <3

Wrath said...

You do know I had to sign a 71-page 'agreement not to compete' with the Leviathan Artists Group when I got that bit part in the 'Met A Stranger®' series, right? They own my soul, now.

So, if our lawyers can get together and work something out, I'm all on board for a cameo spot - otherwise, I probably won't be allowed to accept L$ cash payment or on-screen credits for my work without the Leviathan Powers-That-Be going ballistic, but I have been known to accept other forms of payment. (ie, I forgot you slipped me Rosie's number that one night at Clockwork and accidentally washed my jeans with it still in my pocket and can't read it now...) heh