Monday, September 10, 2007

DJ Hawks presents... The Cure

So while Jelly is off at her Hula classes in order to receive her Hawaiian pass as an official state resident, I will be filling in for her first hour during her normal gig at Clockworks. This means you can hear me DJ from 6-7 SL time on Tuesday night followed up by Jelly from 7-8. Therefore, you can get the 1-2 tandem of team Jawks for your listening dancing pleasure each and every Tuesday night. I enjoy some great ska as much as the next moshing neck breaker, but I am going to take this time to highlight some of my favorite music. In other words, expect a lot of alternative ranging from 80's, 90's, and the present. I am in a rediscovering The Cure phase in my life right now, so for my first hour I am going to be presenting 1 hour of some of my favorite Cure songs and mixes.

Looking ahead, I plan on incorporating themes into my music selections. Some of the themes I am working on right now are:

Songs people are surprised I like
Psychological Disorders
Songs that make me want to move
Hair bands
Best cover songs
Emo Bands
Bands/Songs for social causes
80's Alternative
90's Alternative
Songs that make you go hmmmmm
All around fav songs
Religious Influences - an Atheists perspective

So for this week, if you love The Cure, then this will be a great set for you. Come on out, and bring your friends to Clockworks from 6-7 on Tuesday, and then tune in for Jelly's great Ska and Rockabilly set from 7-8.


Zoe Connolly said...

Damn it! I'm missing Thc Cure?

That is definitely an anti-w00t situation!

Alex Burgess said...

I was gonna w--t, but I don't want to bum Zoe out any more. Still, I'm greatly lookin' for'd to it, sir.

HawksRock said...

Awwww Zoe, you will be missed... :(.

Alex: looking forward to it - Clockworks continues to rocketh!

Wrath said...

Congratulations on your recent re-discovering The Cure phase!! And can I just say that I hope it leads into a follow-up re-discoverng The Smiths phase, as well? Kickass! ;-)