Friday, October 12, 2007

Monthly SL Blogger Party

Second Life Blogger’s party October 21th

By Vint Falken on sl blogmeet


An informal, fun blogger party / meeting for those who blog from, about, in, under, upside down, … Second Life. I think Vloggers, LiveJournalians, Twitterites, Jaikunians and Powncers are welcome too. They will be enslaved, though. Ow, and people using Blogger shall have to obey to any command made by a Resident using WP, Drupal or other cool blogging software*.


Sunday, October 21th, from 1pm to 6pm SLT. (That’s 22h until way to late belgian time.) Nope, I’m not counting for you guys this time. It becomes time you all turn into mature Second Life Residents and learn to do the SLT conversion yourself! ;)


Ah, well… bloggers, of course. ;) Ah? The hosts, you mean? This SL blogger’s party shall by hosted by CodeBastard Redgrave from and me me me. =) I’ll do the early shift, and Codie will take over somewhere in the middle and keep you folks amused, entertained and happy until 6pm. After that, as far as I’m concerned, she may shoot, orbit or seduce you. =) (Yeah, I was very not sure if I could handle such a bunch of creative folks myself.)


CodeRedLounge @ Strata (<- I’ll make this an SLurl soon.)


Well, the polls are still open. Choose between Tinies (Please, no? I love being huge!), Film Noir (Ow yes! Think lovely ladies with a killer attitude and long smokes.), Western (Yihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!), Sports (Who does not want to be a cheerleader? And I’m talking to the guys too. ;)) and Robots (’Hun, will you pass me a glass of oil? 4-tact, 40 degrees, please!) themes by voting on the poll at


Yep. Duh! ;) Codie and I are celebrating our 50k Flickr views. So we are going to call out for the photographs you took of the SL blogger’s party when it’s over, and the SL photograph from the party Codie and I like best will get a Flickr Pro account for a year. If you are an ‘always second place’ kind of person, don’t worry, we have something neat for the 1st and 2nd runner up too.


Sure. TBA.

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