Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Post-Tuesday Clockwork

Wuwu! Hawk's was right! I do like *surprises* Huzzah! From 6-7 p.m. he did his regularly scheduled theme'd set. Tonight's set:
HawksRock Gunawan: so people are asking about the theme... :)
HawksRock Gunawan: here is the dealio
HawksRock Gunawan: I was gone ALL weekend...
HawksRock Gunawan: Jell has had a tough week
HawksRock Gunawan: so this ENTIRE SET is dedicated to Jelly.... :)

Awww! And it only completely tote RAWKED! Then my set was from 7-8 p.m. For the first time ever I did a Ska themed set. This was my Ska-Punk Covers set. Here it is for your downloading or listening pleasure....

Jells Ska-Punk Covers.mp3


myg said...

Jelly ~n~ Hawks, I'm sorry I missed your set too! I caught a funk from Alex - he musta got it from Jelly, no? And was sick the last two nights. I know that doesn't keep some people from being in SL, but I was too tuckered to type. I sure hope I see you guys soon. besos!

Cierra Theriac said...

One of these days - I so have to make it to one of your gigs. It sounds like so much fun, and I love the music.

tiana meriman said...

hawks and jellybean sets are the bestests ^^